Adelaide Cost of Living for Students

Adelaide city with Festival Theatre and Torrens River

Average weekly budget

Your average cost of living can vary based on location, lifestyle and a range of other factors. 

  • Rent in the City (shared): $300-600 per week*
  • Grocery: $60 per week
  • Utility bill (shared): $45-50 per week^
  • Public transport: $15 per week
  • Phone and internet: $25 per week
  • Entertainment: $80 per week

(Source - Study Adelaide 

This should be viewed as a guide only for a single student. Costs can vary enormously from one student to another. These are basic living costs and do not include program tuition fees, costs for textbooks, other study-related needs, running a car, medical expenses, or any luxuries.

It is important to note that alongside your living costs will be other pre-arrival costs such as overseas student health cover.

You can also use Study Australia's Cost of Living Calculator to better understand your average weekly budget in Adelaide.

The University of Adelaide Village accommodation


We offer an impressive portfolio of University-managed student accommodation options, located close to campus in the heart of the city. 

Students in workplace - cafeteria

Work while you study

Working a part-time job whilst studying is a great way for students to meet new people, build skills, and earn while they learn. 

*Accommodation costs can vary significantly based on location, type and arrangement. For example, centrally-located accommodation generally costs more than in outer suburbs. Similarly, students can lower their accommodation costs by sharing with other students - the lower end of the price range shown is mostly shared accommodation.

^ Gas and electricity are often included in University-managed accommodation.