International Student News

International Student News aims to keep international students informed of events and opportunities at the University and around Adelaide.

The email newsletter is sent on Friday every fortnight during semester teaching weeks to all currently enrolled international students of the University. To submit an event or opportunity to International Student News, please read the guidelines and complete the submission form below.

Submission guidelines

International Student News is sent on Friday every fortnight [during semester teaching weeks

The content submission deadline is Tuesday 5.00 pm on the week the newsletter is being sent out. Please note that we are unable to accept late submissions.

We're happy to share news about most events, opportunities, and news for international students. Some examples of content we can publish includes:

  • Events run by student clubs
  • Sports clubs events or opportunities
  • Academic skills workshops
  • Career building workshops
  • University services updates or opportunities
  • University of Adelaide competitions or surveys

Content that we may not be able to publish includes:

  • Due to sensitivity to other students’ beliefs, we may not be able to publish submissions related to religious or political events and activities
  • We are unable to include events not suitable for under-18 students (e.g. pub crawls)
  • We are unable to advertise private businesses, products, real estate, etc.

Please note that publication of all material is at the sole discretion of International Student Support staff. If we are unable to publish your content, we will suggest other areas that may be more appropriate for publication.

All submissions to International Student News should be 50 words or fewer. Please note that your submission will be further edited for clarity and length, and that we do not return your edited submission for approval before publishing. 

Please make sure you own or have permission to share any images that you include. Please also note that your image may be resized and cropped to fit the newsletter format. Image size for the newsletter is 248x164px. 

Please ensure you seek the relevant approvals for your submission - i.e. that, if necessary, you have received permission to publish your event or opportunity. International Student Support is not responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted and may choose to exclude any submissions that are deemed inappropriate.