Further Studies

If you would like to continue your studies at the University of Adelaide, you can apply internally through the Student Recruitment and Admissions Services.

Undergraduate and postgraduate

Applications for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs are made through an online submission. No supporting documents are required unless otherwise requested. Online applications can be submitted via the internal transfers page.

For more information on application closing dates and important deadlines for coursework programs, study abroad and exchange, and postgraduate research programs see the application deadlines.

As a continuing student, if you commence a new program next semester you will not need to pay the deposit. Instead, you will continue to receive an invoice each study period on Access Adelaide.

For more information on new program applications for continuing students, please submit an enquiry online.

Study break

If you plan to take some time off from study in order to work or take a holiday, you will be able to reapply for a new program before you complete your current program. This can be done via the online application form.