English Programs

Students without the required level of English will need to complete an English language course before being admitted to the University of Adelaide.

The University can arrange enrolment into the English language program in Adelaide at the English Language Centre. Our Academic English Pathway programs provide an alternative entry pathway for students who have received offers to the University of Adelaide conditional upon English proficiency. On successful completion of the pathway program at the required standard, students are granted entry into the majority of programs at the University.

The University's English Language Centre recently ranked number 1 in Australia for student satisfaction in Learning (teaching and curriculum) across all 23 university language centres^.

Importantly, with the recent move to online remote delivery, the ELC also ranked number 1 in Australia for satisfaction with Virtual learning^

^2019/2020 i-graduate Australian English Language Barometer which surveyed the satisfaction of over 15,700 students across 36 institutions.