Accepting Your Offer

Congratulations on receiving an Offer of Admission from the University of Adelaide!

Understanding your offer statement and acceptance agreement

The information in your offer statement and acceptance agreement is important, please read it carefully.

Please note the following information:

  • Program name
  • Duration of program
  • Commencement date
  • Tuition fee
  • Acceptance and payment deadlines
  • Conditions: 
    If you have a conditional offer, the conditions are clearly outlined in your offer statement and acceptance agreement.

Conditions may include:

  • Providing proof of English Language Proficiency (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL or successful completion of the Academic English program)
  • Completion of academic qualifications (e.g. graduation certificates)
  • Provision of official documents (e.g. original or certified copies of your documents).


Please note: You can accept a conditional offer by providing evidence of meeting all conditions together with your completed acceptance agreement.

The acceptance process is outlined below. Please note that following this process and correctly completing the required forms ensures the smooth and efficient processing of your acceptance and the issuing of your CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment).

Note: For information relating to accepting an offer for a research degree, applicants should review the Adelaide Graduate Research School's Offer of Admission.

If you have a Conditional offer the conditions will be outlined in your Offer of Admission. Please fulfil all conditions listed on your Offer of Admission (if any).

Conditions may include: providing proof of English Language Proficiency (e.g. IELTS or TOEFL), completion of academic qualifications (e.g. graduation certificates) or provision of official documents (e.g. original or certified copies of your documents), satisfying our Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements.

Please accept your Offer of Admission in the Applicant Portal of our International Application System. If you have a nominated International Representative (agent) please be in touch with them to finalise your acceptance, in conjunction with accepting in the Applicant Portal

Please ensure that your personal details in the Applicant Portal match your passport, and upload into the Applicant Portal a copy of the personal ID page and signature page in your passport.

Important information about the acceptance process is available in the Acceptance Information Booklet.

Payment can be made in the Applicant Portal of the International Application System via the University’s preferred online payment provider, Flywire. You can request assistance with your payment at Flywire Customer Support.

Please review the University's policy on refunds and adjustments for international students.

Important note for students already studying at the University of Adelaide: 

If you are already studying at the University of Adelaide you will not be required to pay the tuition fee deposit upon acceptance of your offer.  However, any Offer of Admission is subject to accepting the offer in the Applicant Portal of the International Application System, clearing any outstanding debts that may currently exist with the University, and providing evidence of having Overseas Student Health Cover for the expected duration of your new student visa. Visas generally commence one month before the program start date and will end on either 30 September or 15 March following the end date of the program. This may differ for Higher Degrees by Research, short programs, and programs with irregular intakes and durations. If you are sponsored you will also have to provide a sponsorship letter that confirms that your sponsorship has been transferred to the new program.

Visas - contact your nearest Australian Embassy, Consulate, High Commission, or the Department of Home Affairs office about the process to apply for your Australian Student Visa.

Please see the Acceptance Information Booklet for further information.

Make sure your personal details are up to date in your Applicant Portal in the University Application System (e.g. a copy of the personal ID page and signature page in your passport) so that your CoE can be correctly issued.

Your CoE will be emailed to you or to your nominated international agent after the University has received acceptance of your Offer of Admission via the Applicant Portal and your Tuition Fee Deposit. 

Once you have received your CoE you will be able to lodge your student visa. To do this you or your University of Adelaide agent or representative will need to create an ImmiAccount.

You're nearly there! Please read through our information on preparing to arrive to make sure you have everything prepared for your arrival.

Once you've arrived, attend the international student orientation, course advice and enrolment sessions before beginning your studies at the University of Adelaide.